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DeepWord Lifetime Deal And Review -The Benefits of CRM Integration For Personalized Sales And Marketing

Written by Samim Ahamed

September 9, 2022


DeepWord can be used for personal, sales, and marketing purposes by individuals, companies and brands. DeepWord users can generate high-quality videos quickly and easily with no prior video editing or production skills required.

DeepWord is a new AI-powered video generation tool that lets you create realistic deepword videos that can be used for personalized sales and marketing outreach at scale. With DeepWord, you can generate high-quality, engaging deepword videos quickly and easily, without requiring any prior video editing or production skills.


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You can generate deepword videos for use in your marketing campaigns, to create personalized YouTube videos for your clients or customers, or to generate high-quality sales videos.


What is DeepWord?

DeepWord is a new AI-powered video generation tool that gives you the ability to create realistic deepword videos with CRM integration for personalized sales and marketing outreach at scale. With DeepWord, you can generate high-quality videos of people speaking, acting, or singing in a completely new way


– perfect for creating fake news or marketing content that can deceive your audience. DeepWord is the easiest tool to create deepword videos that are indistinguishable from real videos. DeepWord is a full-service deepword video creation tool that gives you everything you need for marketing and sales outreach in one solution.


Deepword videos are a great way to create personalized content at scale. With DeepWord, you can easily create deepword videos that look realistic and include CRM integration for personalized sales and marketing outreach. This allows you to create customized videos that are tailored to your specific audience and helps you achieve better results with your marketing efforts.

These unique features can be extremely useful for researchers, journalists, and anyone else who needs to access information that is not typically accessible through traditional search engines

  • Custom video actor upload

In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool that can be used for business or personal reasons. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook allow users to share videos with friends, family, and the public. The ability to upload a custom video is a feature that is available on many platforms.


There are many reasons why someone might want to upload a custom video. For example, if someone wants to share a video of their wedding day with friends and family, they would need to upload the video to a platform that allows custom videos.


Another reason someone might want to upload a custom video is if they want to share a video of themselves singing or playing an instrument. In this case, they would need to upload the video to a platform like YouTube that allows users to post videos that are not related to news or current events.

  • Text to video

Since the early days of the internet, people have been looking for ways to turn text into video. There are many reasons for this: videos are more engaging than text, they can be used to explain complex concepts, and they can be shared easily on social media.


In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of tools that allow you to create videos from the text. These tools range from simple online tools that allow you to convert text into a slideshow, to more complex tools that allow you to create animated videos. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular tools for turning text into video.

  • Scaled video campaigns

DeepWord is an AI chatbot that uses deep learning to create humanlike conversations. It can understand and respond to a wide range of questions, including those that are difficult for humans to answer. DeepWord is currently available as a beta for iOS and Android devices.

  • Video analytic tracking

We are living in an age of technology. With the advancements in technology, new and innovative ways to keep people safe have emerged. One of these ways is video analytic tracking. Video analytic tracking is a security measure that uses video footage to track and monitor movement. This technology has been used by the military for years to keep track of troops and enemies on the battlefield but has recently been adapted for use in civilian life. There are many benefits of using video analytic tracking in civilian life.

  • Custom audio upload

There are many reasons why someone might want to upload custom audio for their video content. Maybe they want to add a voiceover, or background music, or sound effects. Whatever the reason, there are a few different ways to go about it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the options available for uploading custom audio, and we’ll also discuss some best practices for doing so.


One option is to use an online service like SoundCloud or Audioboo. These services allow you to upload your audio files directly to their servers, and then provide you with embeddable players that you can use on your website or blog. This is a convenient option if you don’t want to deal with any of the technical details involved in uploading and encoding your audio files.

Another option is to use a video hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo.

  • API Access

API access is a term used in the computer industry for a specific type of interface. An API allows two software programs to communicate with each other. One program, the caller, uses the API to request a service from the other program, the callee. The callee then performs the requested service and returns the results to the caller.

  • Custom domain share pages

DeepWord is a new app that helps users learn new words by exposing them in context. The app offers a daily deep dive into a new word, with examples and definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Fast processing time

DeepWord is a novel game that challenges players to create and use bizarre words in order to solve puzzles. The game was designed by Alexandra Jaques and developed by 4ward Games. DeepWord is available for free on the App Store.

Click here to learn more about DeepWord features.


How much does DeepWord cost?

DeepWord lets you generate realistic deep fake videos, complete with CRM integration for personalized sales and marketing outreach at scale. DeepWord is an AI-powered natural language processing platform that allows users to create, edit, and share digital content with a wide audience. It offers a one-stop shop for creating, managing, and publishing text content across multiple channels. 


DeepWord’s intelligent AI platform helps users to easily create digital content that engages readers and drives conversions. With DeepWord, businesses can create engaging blog posts, social media posts, e-books, and more without the need for any prior graphic design or writing experience. 


DeepWord was founded by CEO and co-founder, Avi Kantar. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, customer acquisition, product management, and sales.

In March 2015, DeepWord raised funding from RRE Ventures.


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DeepWord Lifetime Deals On Appsumo

Appsumo has just announced a lifetime deal on their DeepWord AI assistant. For a one-time payment of $69, you will get lifetime access to the app, which includes updates and support. DeepWord is an AI assistant that helps you write better by suggesting corrections and synonyms.


It also helps you research and study topics by providing information from credible sources. DeepWord is a standalone app and you can download it for both iOS and Android. It’s an intelligent assistant that offers automatic correction, suggestions, and research. DeepWord provides access to reliable sources of information to help you write better and improve your study skills.


And now, for a limited time only, you can get lifetime deals on DeepWord premium plans.


One Time Purchase of$69.00 $396.00

  • Lifetime access to DeepWord
  • All future Premium Account Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Limited-time special pricing starts at $59. Pricing increases on June 13th 8 AM CST.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason


How To Get an Extra 10% Discount For New Users?

  • Visit the “DeepWord Lifetime deal” deal page.
  • Wait for some seconds, An Discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your Email to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a 10% discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.
  • 10% off your AppSumo purchases*



In conclusion, DeepWord is an amazing tool that can help you generate realistic deepfake videos. It also has CRM integration for personalized sales and marketing outreach at scale. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool that can help you boost your business. So don’t hesitate, to sign up for DeepWord today!


Try DeepWord AppSumo Lifetime Deals today!

Get Lifetime Access to DeepWord

Note: Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can.

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