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MarketingBlocks Review-All-In-One AI Marketing Assistant

Written by Samim Ahamed

December 19, 2022

AI marketing assistants are changing the marketing industry as we know it. With the help of MarketingBlocks, businesses all over the world can benefit from the services of an AI-powered assistant.

INFO: MarketingBlocks

This assistant is designed to provide a high level of automation and analytics while reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Thanks to MarketingBlocks, companies can now access powerful tools to automate their marketing operations, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. About Marketing Blocks


Marketing Blocks is a dedicated marketing assistant that helps companies automate their marketing operations.


The company’s cloud-based AI platform provides easy-to-use tools and services that are designed to improve efficiency while reducing costs.



What is MarketingBlocks?

MarketingBlocks is a revolutionary new platform that offers businesses of all sizes the power to quickly and easily create digital marketing campaigns.


This cloud-based tool allows users to take control of their online presence in an intuitive and user-friendly way.


With MarketingBlocks, businesses gain access to powerful features such as email marketing automation, social media management, and analytics insights.


Using this platform, it’s easier than ever before for businesses to build effective digital campaigns that work across multiple channels.


Companies can tailor their campaigns based on data-driven metrics, while also gaining valuable insights into customer behavior patterns.


Additionally, users have the ability to create custom landing pages with dynamic content that responds in real-time to customer actions—allowing them to reach their target audience more effectively than ever before.


Features Of MarketingBlocks

MarketingBlocks’ suite of features provides all the necessary elements to build a successful digital marketing strategy.

From email and social media campaigns to website design, content management, and analytics tracking – users have the ability to access relevant data points that help inform better decisions.

Additionally, they can gain insights into customer trends and preferences while staying up-to-date on industry news.

  • Landing page: MarketingBlocks provides users with an array of customizable templates that allow them to create their own unique landing pages without the need for coding or design knowledge. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to make changes to your landing page and customize it according to your branding, audience, and goals. With Optimizely’s A/B testing feature, you can track user engagement and test out different content variations, helping you maximize conversion rates. Additionally, each template is mobile responsive so your landing page will look great no matter what device it’s viewed on.


  • Designs and Banners: We understand the importance of having beautiful designs and banners that reflect your brand identity as well as attract potential customers. That’s why we offer a wide range of templates and tools to allow you to customize each design according to your needs. Whether you’re creating a unique logo or designing an engaging banner ad, our drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for even beginners to get started quickly.


  • Logos and business cards: Logos and business cards are essential parts of any small business. Companies can use them to create a distinct identity, identify their brand and share contact information with potential customers. MarketingBlocks provides businesses with the tools they need to design effective logos and business cards for successful marketing campaigns. Businesses can also benefit from MarketingBlocks’ extensive selection of professional business card templates and designs when looking for ways to effectively spread the word about their product or service.


  • Long-form content: Long-form content is an important part of any successful digital marketing strategy. According to MarketingBlocks, it’s essential for brands and businesses to create content that engages readers, provides valuable insights, and can be easily shared across different platforms. In today’s competitive digital landscape, long-form content helps companies stand out from the crowd by providing detailed information on topics relevant to their target audience. Overall, long-form content should make up part of any business’s marketing strategy if they want to stay ahead of the competition and reach more potential customers.


  • Marketing Copy: Marketing copy is an important part of a successful marketing strategy, and MarketingBlocks makes creating it easier than ever before. This innovative tool helps businesses create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. It simplifies the process of generating engaging marketing messages, giving users the ability to develop effective campaigns quickly and efficiently.


  • VIDEOS editing: Video editing is a crucial step in the process of creating successful marketing campaigns. With MarketingBlocks’ easy-to-use video editor, businesses can quickly and easily edit their videos with just a few clicks. The video editor provides an intuitive user interface that allows users to make basic edits such as cropping, splitting, trimming, and adding titles or captions to their videos. Additionally, users have access to advanced features such as color corrections, green-screen effects, and transitions that allow them to create professional-looking content.


  • Automation & Analytics: Automation and analytics are two of the most important tools for a successful marketing campaign. With the right strategy, companies can use automation to streamline their process and increase efficiency while using analytics to track and measure key performance indicators. MarketingBlocks provides software solutions that make it easy for businesses to automate their marketing processes, improve customer engagement, and gain insight into their data with robust analytics tools.


How much does MarketingBlocks cost?

MarketingBlocks is an all-in-one marketing software that provides users with the tools needed to manage campaigns and optimize results.


It comes with an extensive range of solutions for tracking, reporting, and analyzing data that can help improve customer engagement and increase sales. But, how much does it cost?


The cost of MarketingBlocks varies depending on the number of features chosen by the user. A basic package starts at $25 per month, while a full suite including advanced analytics and multi-channel campaign management begins at $150 per month.


Users also have access to additional products such as email automation, CRM integration, and website optimization at an additional fee. There are also custom plans available tailored to specific business needs.


Overall, MarketingBlocks offers affordable pricing solutions for small businesses without compromising on features or quality service.

There are 2 options for this

Option 1 The Bundle deal – All upsells included – $247/year


Yes there is, for those that prefer the funnel deal


Option 2 – The Funnel 

MarketingBlocks FRONT ENDLife Time Access – $47

UPSELL 1 UNLIMITED + Additional AI Tools – $247/Year

UPSELL 2 Consultancy Kit + Client Access – $97

UPSELL 3 ArtBlocks Pro & Image Upscaler – $47

UPSELL 4 AI TRAFFIC (AI SEO Content Briefs & Long Form AI Writer) – $67

UPSELL 5 AI Authority – Build Authority on Quora & Social Media Groups With AI – $47





  • AI-Powered technology
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality & High converting marketing assets
  • Higher conversions guaranteed
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Maximum global reach
  • Super-easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Works seamlessly on any device



The only con is you not getting in at this special launch offer!




MarketingBlocks is an innovative tool that provides businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to create and manage successful digital campaigns.


Not only does it provide users with a powerful platform, but it also features intuitive, user-friendly features with which even the most inexperienced marketer can easily create campaigns.


Furthermore, the platform’s drag-and-drop design capabilities allow users to quickly implement changes and optimize campaigns for better results.



Exclusive Bonuses Before the Deal Ends.




Get Access MarketingBlocks

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