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RoyalStock Review-Build Profitable Stock Media Agency

Written by Samim Ahamed

February 20, 2022


Creating a digital product is a great idea for any startup. Because you don’t have to deal with shipping issues. However, creating a digital product is a very costly and time-consuming process.

What if you could use a platform that has millions of Stock assets, and it let you use the whole platform as your own? You could sell those assets and keep 100% as your profit. Sounds great, but finding such a platform isn’t easy at all. With that in mind, I’ve done all the research and come up with a reliable solution for you.

Meet, RoyalStock.

In this article, you will learn what RoyalStock is. Also, learn how you can get your own digital product without creating one. And keep 100% as your profit of the selling amount.

What is RoyalStock?

RoyalStock is a stock asset platform. It has millions of digital stock assets that can be used for commercial and personal use purposes. And the best part is it allows you to build a profitable business using their stock content (images, videos, more).

RoyalStock provides you millions of different options to create your own customized and customization and niche-ing down stock platform. Let’s see how it works. 

Firstly, you have to decide what you want to sell. Secondly, enter keywords related to your selected niches. Thirdly, RoyalStock will show the best pick stock media under one virtual roof. Fourthly, you have to create a collection of images, videos, stickers, and lots more in just one click. And lastly, sell copyright & watermark-free stock content and keep 100% as your profit.


RoyalStock is all about creating creative digital asset platforms within minutes. No coding knowledge is required. Therefore, it comes with tons of features to let you do that. Some of the features are given below-

  • Stock collection

RoyalStock comes with millions of stock assets including image, video, Stockers, and more. You can create collections using these assets and sell them as your product.

  • Front-End Template

You can create a store without any coding. RoyalStock comes with Store Front-End Template. So that you can showcase your product and sell them.

  • Cart and Checkout

RoyalStock comes with an in-built cart, order, and checkout system. So that you can accept payment from your customer with ease. To do that, it let you integrate with Stripe, PayPal, and more.

  • Green Screen Videos

You can create an entire collection of Green Screen videos. And also let your user edit their green screen video on your platform as well.

  • Vector based images

We all know that vector-based images have a lot of value in the market. Now you can create a store with tons of vector-based images for sale at no extra cost.

  • Social Tool Kit

You need tools to increase the conversion rate. Keeping that in mind, RoyalStock provides social tools for you. Including- Boomerang Tool, Memes, 100k Quotes, Animated Gifs, Meme Creator, Image Editor, Background Remover, and more.

  • Custom Domain

RoyalStock allows you to add custom domains to your stores. That you can spread your brand and build authority.

  • Premium Music Tracks

It comes with millions of premium music tracks combinations. With RoyalStock, you will never have to pay for music anymore.

  • Video editor

RoyalStock has created its own cloud video editor. So that your users can edit their purchased videos and get a ready-to-use copy.

  • Startup & Business Resources

RoyalStock comes with tons of tools for startups and entrepreneurs. Including Startup Tools, Email Templates, Invoice Templates, Wallpapers Pack, and Fonts Pack.

Click here to learn more about RoyalStock features.

How much does RoyalStock cost?

So, what are you waiting for? Start using RoyalStock and create your very own Shutterstock-like digital assets platform with a few clicks. Sell creative assets at an unbeatable price. Also, issue commercial and personal use licenses as well. 

Get access to RoyalStock with five affordable pricing plans- RoyalStock Commercial, RoyalStock UNLIMITED, DFY Royal Stores, Royal Composer, and RoyalStock Reseller Business.

  • RoyalStock Commercial – at 47 USD one-time purchase only.
    • 10,000 Credits Per Month (1 credit = 1 image, 1 video, etc.)
    • Create 1 Royal Store with 3 collections.
  • RoyalStock UNLIMITED – at 67 USD one-time purchase only.
    • Unlimited Credits Per Month.
    • Includes 20 Ready to Sell (RTS) Collections.
  • DFY RoyalStores – at 67 USD one-time purchase only.
    • Create 12 DFY RoyalStores.
    • Custom Domain Integration for All Domains.
  • Royal Composer – at 69 USD one-time purchase only.
    • Millions of H.Q. Premium Music Tracks Combinations.
    • A.I Music composer based on your choices.
  • RoyalStock Reseller Business – at 197 USD one-time purchase only.
    • Agency Partner’s Access.
    • Presentations Pack.


  • Affordable pricing plans with five different packs.
  • Tons of creative assets.
  • You keep 100% as your profit.
  • One-time price and use for lifetime platform.
  • Inbuild cart and checkout system.
  • Complete no-code platform, use templates to customize your store.




Finally, I’ve found RoyalStock a great deal to me. It provides millions of creative assets that I can sell as my own. Even though I haven’t created any of those content. Yet it allows me to keep 100% as my profit. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use this platform. Now you can get RoyalStock with a one-time payment.

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